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To Arthur!
Saturday, September 26, 2009

To Arthur Guinness....
Although I dun drink stout! :P

Friday, September 25, 2009

Tree Hill Season 7
Rachel and Dan..... Married...


What in the world is Mark Schwahn and Joe Davola thinking??????

The time is never right.
Thursday, September 24, 2009

Its been a while since I last sat down and blog about a specific topic in mind.
Lately its always been events and happenings around my life...

I can't recall the last time I had time to myself, sitting down, pondering upon things around me.
Everything's been so fast-paced for me the last few months
Its good in a way coz it kinda blocks the negative side of me
U know. The version of me that sits down and thinks about everything he said and did
and start beating himself up on little insignificant mistakes that doesnt really matter most of the time.
But in a way, I still need moments like these to catch my breath
To identify my priorities, to analyze everything thats happening

Yesterday I decided to watch The Reader.
Downloaded it quite some time ago, but never had the chance to sit down and finish the movie
Its pretty good.. No, its REALLY good, I must say.
I like how the author of the book wrote it in a way that the whole movie focuses on a single boy
with such a huge event taking place behind everything that the audience were watching.
Honestly, if it wasnt for the movie (and the internet), I would never have known about the Holocaust and the Death Marches that took place back then.
Really opened up my mind...

So as I was reading up on the Death Marches, somehow I got diverted to reading about Albert Eistein which by the way, I never knew he was a Jew! I guess Im really living under a rock.
From Eistein, I found myself reading about a dude named Baruch Spinoza.
He's a 17th century philosopher with works that are pretty interesting to read about.

He's written lots of books and other stuff that is related to countless of things.
Of all those that I came across, there was one that really captured my attention.
Titled "Ethics Demonstrated In Geometric Order".
Dun misunderstand. He's not refering to the meaning in which we are all used to.
This piece of writing is divided into 5 parts :

I. of God
II. of the Nature and Origin of the Mind
III. of the Origin and Nature of the Affects
IV. of Human Bondage, or the Power of the Affects
V. of the Power of the Intellect, or of Human Freedom

Basically, its about understanding the different elements that we're all experiencing all around us.
Reading this would really put things in a different perspective.
Its amazing how obvious things can get without many people realizing it.
I've started reading a little, and most of his thoughts and theories.
After reading them, I kinda sat down to myself thinking..
"Why on Earth have I never thought of this before???"
It totally changes my mind on everything.

Im still in the process of reading it, but I certainly recommend checking it out.
I mean, he's a reknowned philosopher for a reason... rite?

To quote his own words....
"To understand, is to be free..."

2 busy and possibly great days ahead of me.
Looking forward to it....
Black Eyed Peas... Here I come!!! :D

Thinking hard...
Monday, September 21, 2009

Black Eyed Peas are coming.. This Friday, the 25th September 2009
Ainel texted today saying she got tickets...
Should I go???


After almost a week after the official worldwide launch date...
I got my hands on Breathing Underwater!!!

Actually, i already have like 2 songs from it,
and I always have the option of downloading them online..
But I figured, its Marie...
I wont have to worry that the album would not be worth the money...

And, I was right... :)

Yet another one...
Saturday, September 19, 2009

Haihz.. Seriously, how many more of these do we have to do?
Its just so depressing...

Leaving for Scotland for 2 years..
Gosh.. 2 years... Its only started to sink in now...
All de best in ur studies!!!
Will miss u lots back here.... :(

Moment we've all been waiting for.
Friday, September 18, 2009

I really need to get back to my blog ASAP...
But for now all i can say is....

Happy birthday Robin Coenraad!!!
Finally hitting the big 2-1!!!

Thank God, the surprise worked... XD

Well... Twice... :P

They're coming back!
Sunday, September 6, 2009

The All American Rejects are coming back to Malaysia!!!
This time they're coming as part of Digi's Music Unlimited Live Event.
Some new campaign by Digi involving music.
Honestly, I dun really care,
I just want to see them live again!

After watching them at World Stage,
I really cannot miss this...
Really hope I'll be able to get the tickets.... ahhhh!!!
Thx DIGI!!!! XD


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