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Geeezzz... Get a life!!!
Monday, January 28, 2008

Another session with my lappie in front of me and a cup of frappe beside it...
Gosh, i love this place.. Never get bored of it..

Have u guys checked out Bubbly by Colby Caillat?
Yea, u shud have.. I guess im a little bit outdated since it's out for quite some time now..
beautiful song to play on the guitar.. just wish tat i cud sing it.. Can never do it..

Been browsing through utube for a while.. Came across loads of interesting channels.. Loads of talented musicians out there.. Check out sher555's channel.. Yea, no clue bout the user name..
Her singing aint exactly great, but her style's interesting.. Check it out.. At least she's pitch perfect.. Was figuring out whether or not she's an established artist.. Syltra Lee, Singaporean.. Anyone?

Was surprised to see Audrey at pyramid tat day.. Got shocked when she pounced unto me from behind.. I was totally like "wat the heck???".. haha..
she went to quicksilver with some of her frens, and they were chilling after the event.. tats when we met up.. I was with Wil..
Took tat pic together.. :D

Yup, new haircut.. AGAIN.. no idea how bad things turned out this time.. U be the judge..
Its very very short now.. Easier to manage.. Like tat day, i woke up from bed, got a sms from Wil, went to the toilet 2 wash up, then head straight to summit without touching my hair.. N it turned out fine.. Haha..

Yup, i knw this post sounds sad.. Hence the title.. :D

Its been so boring lately.. Nth reli interesting happening in my life.. Besides going around shopping for clothings, renewing my wardrobe.. Other than tat, nth.. Yup.. NTH..
Planned to go to Quicksilver last friday.. Turned out no1 was interested but Kar Mern.. Tat also she wasnt allowed to go provided she had other girls going.. Haihz.. We ARE living in 2008 arent we?

So.. Yup.. The day of the party, ended up spending more time in the arcade with wilson.. Better than sticking around at home not doing anything... Rite?

So finally, Kar Mern gets to go out this Wednesday.. (Emphasize on the word FINALLY)..
With Nat, Mei Xin, Vincent n myself.. N guess where we'r headed to?
Summit for ROCK CLIMBING!!!
Yup.. Im gonna try it out.. Nope, I have absolutely no experience in it..
Tats y we asked Vincent to come along.. He's the only 1 who's done it before.. Haha..

Wanted to watch Sweeney Todd.. (is tat how u spell it?).. Then again, its a horror/musical.. Weird combination.. Still prefer romance musical.. Tats nice..
Few interesting movies coming out soon though..
I reli reli reli RELI wanna watch Meet The Spartans.. Some sort of a Scary Movie kinda show..
There's CJ7..
10,000 B.C
One Missed Call.. (its been a while since i watched horror in a cinema..)

Oh yah, u guys shud check out Cloverfield.. ROCKS!!!

There's a new hot chick working in Starbucks today... :P

Don't anybody play guitar anymore?

Im gonna need a better camera...

Listening To:
Colby Caillat - Bubbly

Quicksilver Revolution 2.0
Monday, January 21, 2008

Quicksilver Revolution 2.0
26th January 2008
Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach

I need a car... I need a car... I NEED A CAR!!!
Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I finally got my license!!! After sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long..
haihz haihz.. FINALLY!!! I cant emphasize how happy i am abt it.. haha.. XD

Last friday noon, martin asked me out.. went to parade to look for his text books.. ended up we couldnjt ifnd a single 1 of them.. - best part is when he called up his management lecturer to ask where to get the management text book, he replied any leading bookstores out there will have.. And there we were in mph, and NOPE.. not there.. thinking we might have missed it out while we were searching, we went to the info counter to ask.. All 3 books he was supposed to buy, SOLD OUT.. Fund of Management, Finance and another 1 ( forgot wat was it).. Kesian tat guy..
After parade, we went to a TM Centre in SS15 to check up on his net streamyx account..
Few weeks ago he received his monthly bill amounting to RM5000!!! His dad almost killed him..
Rupa-rupanya his acocunt kena hack, and the hecker subscribed to some internet phone service n started calling overseas.. Haihz haihz..

So got back home at around 5 smth.. He was supposed to get back early actually.. So we didnt reli go anywhere.. Was so bored at home, thinking it was gonna be another boring day.. Thought cud've at least hang out with him or maybe shoot some pool, too bad he had to be back early.. Was reading a car mag i bought, some reviews abt budget sedans - comparing the chevy optra and the persona - when Roy actually called me up and told me my P is out.. I was going nuts in my room.. haha.. (sad case of SS-ing...)
straight away changed and went to his office to collect it.. Walked all the way to taipan, and boy, tat was the longest walk ever.. the moment i stepped out of my hse m mind started asking - when will i reach? haha... -.-''

went there, took my license, bought the 'P' stickers and went back home to sms my dad abt it.. Mom was shocked to see me home tat fast.. I didnt notice till she told me but i actually spent a little less than 10 minutes to walk to taipan, collect my license and walk back.. Amazing huh.. Best part is i wasnt tired.. haha..

So i took my license, (and the 2 'P' stickers), went straight up to my room and sat down on my bed admiring those 3 pieces of plastics.. Then i thought to myself - what now?
Yea, i was so blur tat time..
Couldnt do anything tat time.. Just sat around, longing to lay my hands on my dad's car.. But he wasnt back yet.. So i went back to reading tat review on persona and the optra..
In the end, i didnt get to drive tat day itself.. Dad came back very late..

The next morning i woke up, saw my dad sticking the 'P' sticker at the back of the car.. Was so happy.. Couldnt wait to start driving legally.. (without the presence of an instructor.. wakakkakaa..)
So my dad started telling me stuff abt the car.. Abt how weird our Spectra was.. Abt all the prob he faced with tat sick car.. Bla bla bla..
Then we jacked up the hood and he started telling me abt the stuff inside and which 1s i shud pay attention to.. I was thinking tat i was gonna learn a hell lots of stuff from him tat day..
So he started by showing me the where the standard stuff were (which i edi know..). The battery, engine block, box tat controls the alarm and stuff, radiator, brake fluid, power steering fluid.. wat else eh..
He started talking like he was some expert on cars and the components (no offense.. :P)
Then i started asking him where was the air intake, where was the fuel injection, where was the cooling block.. and he appeared blur.. -.-''
looks like all my time spent on reading car mags were not wasted after all.. haha..
He ended up saying 'As long as u knw the basic stuff, its enough edi, the rest, leave it to the workshops guys'.. hahaha..

The very 1st time i drove was from my hse to Shell at the back to buy newspaper.. -.-''
My dad still doesnt have that uch confidence in me to let me drive on main roads.. So i drive as safely as i cud.. To show him tat i cud do it.. haha..
After tat i drove to taipan to get lunch, and he was edi holding unto the handle above his head with both hands, as if im taking the car at 200 km/h.. -.-''
Good thing later he allowed me to drive all the way to pyramid.. And boy was it fun to be driving on a straight road with a much more powerful car.. Before this i onli went about 80 in a kancil on the highway n edi it felt like the engine was gonna blow..
it was the 1st time i touched 100 on the long stretch from ss15 to pyramid.. the car was still very stable.. and i was pushing it even more.. was trying to hit 120 or even 130 if i cud.. 100 in a spectra felt like 50 in a kancil.. Too bad my dad was there.. didnt get to push further..
but surprisingly enough when i drive at around 70 to 80 on 2 lane roads near usj9 and usj11, my dad never reli complain.. I thought he wud be furious.. But i juz had to try it out.. haha..

Tat weekend i drove every single time my family went out.. But i had to drive slow every time my mom tag along.. She's the type who gets panic very very easily.. Surprisingly my dad's cool with the way i drive.. compared to him, i accelerate faster, and i brake harder.. I thought he wud lecture me a lot when he sits in the passenger's sit, but so far he's cool...
This weekend the plan is to go to pyramid 2 watch cloverfield with Kar mern and the rest.. Hopfeully they'll allow me to take the car.. Cant wait to be driving on my own..

There's this dim beam of light at the end of the tunnel regarding my hopes of taking the car on my own this weekend.. coz i predict for the whole day this saturday, my dad will be stuck to the tv watching the m'sian badminton open.. He's juz nuts abt badminton.. Tats if locals r playing..
I can, sorta, like, use the excuse tat i dun wanna disturb him watching and tat i'll juz take the car and go out on my own..
Guess all my hopes of taking the car out is n whether or not Chong Wei qualifies for the finals or the semis.. hahahahhahaa.. haihz..

Getting a car on my own..
i doubt it'll be anytime soon..
Just asked my dad last nite abt it.. Told him i didnt mind any car, new, old, 2nd hand, big, small..
And yet he said he had no plans on doing so anytime soon.. haihz..

Ordered caramel frappe for a change..
Didnt know they had it back on the menu...

There's a beautiful VW parked outside Starbucks..
Maybe i shud hijack it.. Since i cant get a car of my own..

Search HappySlip & Kevjumba on utube...

Listening To :
Melodica - Starin' At You

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Always wanted to put tat pic up! :P

Sometimes i feel like holidays in between semesters are like a break from my past and my future.. As though im moving back and forth between the 2.. Past being my life with my high school mates, being 17 and and naive, young and unexposed, just wasting time to get through the day, yet not wanting everyday to end whenever friends are around.. Life then were all 'scheduled'. School in the morning, hanging out with friends and all, come back to a quiet home, and its baby-sitting all the way, helping my mom out.. Dinner with family and school again the next morning.. And yah, bowling in the evenings when i was still active in the sport.. Everything was all planned out.. No room for a difference..

Future being my uni life.. Hostel life.. Life outside, where im all alone on my own making my own decisions without other people's consent, life spent doing things i wanna do and yet not being as happy as i thought i would be... Experiencing freedom for a change, i can get up and not make my bed, sleep with nth on, not sleeping at all, going out with uni frens to places an hour away just to have a cup of nestlo ais and a piece of roti bom.. Yeah, freedom's good.. But, like i said, it wasnt as good as i thought it wud be.. Yea, my 'Future'.

I tend to wake up in the morning and just sit to myself, thinking wat i reli want in life.. Wat am i reli after? Among these 3 'different lives' which is the 1 i reli wanted the most? When i was in high school, i always wanted more freedom.. ALWAYS.. always complaining about the fact that i lack freedom compared to my other friends..
But yet when i reach uni level, i still complain abt the same thing.. Though im allowed to go out with frens till 1 in the morning without my parents complaining much, i still cant get enough..
Is it just me, or ITS JUST ME????

At times, i just duno wat i want.. I serioiusly dont..
Like before i was able to drive, i told myself, once u get ur license, dun ever think of a getting a car, they edi spent so much sending u to college, paying tuition fees, hostel rent, books and all.. U cant burden them anymore..
But now tat i got my license, i just cant help it.. My heart juz longs for something more no matter where i stand..
Give me this and i want that, give me that, and i want something else.. It just never ends..

But no matter what, 1 thing never change, wherever i am, i am surrounded by friends.. Tat is 1 thing i am not ashamed to boast abt.. I dun have to worry abt being alone.. (Note : not lonely).. Wherever I am, be it in Limkokwing, Desaria or back here in Subang, they are always around me.. And everyday I thank God for that.. Coz they make all the difference..
So guys!!! If ur reading, u knw who u r.. I knw wat a lucky SOB i am with u guys around.. Haha..
Thx a lot guys..
Love u guys forever..

Ish, i begin to sound so gay...

Listening To :
Less Than Jake - The Rest Of My Life

Cool Acoustic cover of Green Day's Basket Case
Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Fruits of Life...

It was nice seeing everyone again.. At least i havent been seeing those gals in a while.. So, the story is Kar Mern n her gang planned a surprise birthday party for Hema at Manhattan Fish Market in Pyramid.. Too bad Kevin wasnt able to go, or else it wud've been fun picking up Hema frm her hse without her knowing wats going on.. Haha.. In the end, the honours were given to Vee, coz at tat time he was the onli being able to drive and had a car..
Took a bus and i reached pyramid at abt 630 i think.. Met up with Vincent and Huey Ching there, and the others were nowhere to be seen.. Vince and me decided to go for a walk to kill time, and we started the ol' typical guys' coversation abt u knw wat.. haha..
Moments later, we met up with Kar Mern and the gang, and we were all still waiting for the birthday girl, which was nowhere to be found at tat time.. So, the girls decided to go get a card for Hema, and yet again Vincent and me decided to go for a walk.. ( at tat point, we were the onli 2 guys over there when there's like 6 gals) Thank God Vincent came.. Haha..

After our walk, we went back to Manhattan and everyone was there edi.. Just when we were abt to sit down n make ourselves comfortable, Dawn asked us to teman her and give her our oppinion as guys on wat a uy wud like for a prezzie.. Haha.. Ended up she bought a simple pendant from CT Rock, place where i get all my 'bling'..
So back to Fish Market, and the girls edi ordered up.. We sat down, Vincent n me, feeling kinda out of place actually.. haha..
Se the food came, and then we ate and we ate and WE ATE... Haha..
In the end there were left overs.. Enough to feed another 3 ppl i believe.. haha..
We packed up to save it for Justin, who arrived when we were abt to leave.. How sad is tat... Haha..
Oh yah, Darren came along as well.. And oh boy, i never picture them to be tat... Erm... Slightly overweight.. Hahahaha.. Chill, guys.. :P

Honestly, the guys felt kinda out of place at tat time, all 4 of us.. we were like having conversations among ourselves.. While the girls were enjoying their girl talk.. Haha.. Even after we finish eating, the girls were actually discussing whose place they're gonna spend the nite at watching some horror movie.. -.-''

We all head our seperate ways at abt 9 smth.. Kar Mern and myself tumpang Vince home.. And yet again, in the car things were pretty awkward.. Duno wat has gotten into us.. Haha..

There's Vee, myself, Hema and Vince (going high on his own... :P)
But overall we did had a hell of a time.. Kar mern n myself r planning to have another gathering again, maybe this weekend to go watch Game Plan.. Hopefully things will turn out well, and if my parents hold onto their word, i'll get my new year clothes shopping cash by this weekend, and then i can start shopping.. FINALLY..

Oh yah, for those of u who still havent got the news, i passed my driving test last friday.. Yup! After so long, i finally passed!!! Now waiting for Roy to go to jpj to process my 'P'. After tat i can try driving around edi.. Nex prob, getting a car.. Haihz.. Human's needs can never end.. I am so against Maslow's theory.. XD

Check out "The Italian Man Who Went To Malta"

Can't wait to drive my dad's Spectra around..

Looks like Proton's new BLM is gonna be another Saga replacement.. How dissapointing..

Never forsake friendship..

Listening To :
Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor - Come What May


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