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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Some things never change..
or rather, i would never learn.. came to starbucks as usual.. thinking the day was so hot, not even a drop of rain, so i decided to sit inside again.. first hour was relatively okay.. after a while i couldnt take it anymore, started shivering, couldnt take the coldness inside.. felt so much better after moving to the table outside.. oooopppss, my bad, it is raining now.. oh yah, my belated wishes to anyone checking out my blog :

Merry Christmas!!!
A Happy New Year...

Planned to blog 1 more time right before christmas, but it never happened.. seriously difficult not having connection at home.. haihz..

Did i say tat i failed my driving test last week? Cant reli remember..
So yeah, i failed both on the road, and the bukit and everything.. Failing on the road was kinda expected coz i didnt bribe, but i never thought i wud fail the in circuit stuff.. the 1st was bukit, the moment he asked us to go after we positioned our car, i stepped on the acc and i heard this loud noise from the engine. Thinking tat i edi accelerated enough, i let go of the clutch and the hand brake, and ta-da!!! my car started sliding down backwards.. jpj guy straight away asked to step out of the car and yea, i failed.. i guess the loud noise was coming form the other car, not mine.. haihz haihz..
waited for another few hours for on the road, and in the end i had to wait all the way till 2pm since they take breaks for them to pray and all ( it was a friday). oh yah, kay sim took the test with me, he passes his.. both on the road and in circuit.. yup, by now he's juz waiting for his P and then he can edi drive..

so, it was my turn for on the road then, got in the car.. i took my time, made sure i did every single step right, checked my gear, signal, seat, mirrors, everything.. I remember very clearly i did EVERYTHING.. in the end, when he gave me my marking slip, he marked tat i didnt check my mirror and signal, driving dangerously, weak in handling the steering wheel.. bla bla bla..
kinda expected that i wud fail but never expected him to bullshit tat much..
guess what most ppl tell me is true after all, to pass jpj on the road u have no choice but to bribe..
so yeah, i blew away 180 bux to retake, and another 200 bux to bribe... i have no choice..
will be re-taking this friday together with huey ching, which will be her first time taking..
i've been thinking how shud i do this friday the past few days, n everytime i think of it i freak out..
kinda phobia edi since i failed bukit.. not reli tat confident.. haihz..

i bought another book by tony parsons, "The Family Way"..
Its abt 3 sisters.. No wait, 3 couples actually, struggling with their relationships..
His 4th book after "Man & Boy", "One For My Baby" and "Man & Wife"..
I onli read One For My Baby, the 1 with the oddest title of all.. It was actually the title of 1 of Sinatra's song..
Havent started reading yet.. I actually brought it along with me to starbucks.. its rite here with me.. Guess i'll start reading after this..

Im waiting for my hair to grow again, to as long as it re-stylable then im planning to try out a different salon, or a different hairstylist.. wanna go for a new look, but no idea wat shud i go for..
any ideas or recommendations?

Went to pyramid 2 days ago on Christmas eve with Kevin n Kay Sim for Christmas celebration.. There wasnt anything official actually, just ppl gathering under the lion head waiting for the time.. Clubs and bars were packed as well, with the most happening being Q Bar.. By 12, every1 went crazy.. spraying foam and confetti everywhere.. It was chaotic, but fun at the same time..
Too bad some1 couldnt tag along.. Had to stay home and rot herself off.. U knw who u are.. :P

After tat the 3 of us went to AC, wanted to play pool actually.. Too bad it was full.. Packed up with ppl.. There were like 8 ppl waiting for a table before us.. Decided to go down for a drink instead.. Met los of our frens down there, all juz finish partying from pyramid.. All the same faces, never changed..
Reached back at almost 2am.. Had a real great time over there.. Ended up oversleeping the nex day.. haha.. missed the trip to the cemetary with my parents.. Yup, they went to the cemetary on Christmas day.. To visit my grandmother and aunt.. Christmas day itself was every so boring for me... didnt go out at all.. was stuck at home.. juz didnt had the mood to go out actually.. ended up watching In Pursuit of Happyness for the 2nd time.. and i cried for the 2nd time.. how sad is tat. haha.. btw, to those of u who aren't familiar with the movie, happyness is spelt like tat for a reason.. :D There are so many things on my mind rite now.. At the same time, there are not many things running thru.. Wait, tat didnt make any sense.. Its like, for 5 minutes, im thinking of nth at all, juz starring into emptiness.. and the a few minutes later, a sudden burst of thoughts juz rush thru my mind.. seriously duno wats wrong with me..

I need a better cam..

Time flies when u dun notice

All of Christmas's excitement comes from the spirit..

Prayed for something close to a white Christmas,
And He gave me wat's closest to it
A WET Christmas!!!
Praise God!!! :D

Listening To :
The Weepies - World Spins Madly On

Random Survey...
Tuesday, December 18, 2007

1. Do this tag and answer all the questions in your own blog.
2. Delete question no.20 and add one of your own question instead.
3. Tag 8 victims to do this tag.
4. No lies & no twist and turn. Just type the name out.
5. If any outsiders feel offended, go look at the mirror and get a life.
6. Make this long tq. :D


1. What is your dream when you are still a small kid?
To stand in the middle of a plush stage, in front of 10,000 people cheering my name and to just sing my heart out!!! Hahahahaha.. Serious!!! =)

2. What is the happiest thing in your whole life?
Being in His presence 24/7 and knowing that no matter what happens, good or bad, He'll be there for me and He'll never let me down.. Through HIM i've found hope, happiness and my purpose..

3. What do you wish to have right now?
Hmmm... Let's see.. A CAR!!!
Wait, probably to pass and get my P 1st before that.. haha.. -.-''

4. When is the last time your horse laughed?
??????? I dun have 1...

5. What did you realize recently?
That life is full of either full of shit or filled with endless happiness, depends on our choices and decisions.
That my friends here back in SJ are the best.. Not tat LUCT's company suck or anything.. :)
That people in SJ have endless pockets, but poor taste in cars.. :P
That money to fall from the sky, and that i need to get a job soon or risk bankrupting my dad..
That love isnt everything we teenagers should waste our time on, but it does spice up our lives though..
Oh yah, and that acoustic music rocks!!! =D

6. Which bad habit in you that is the most unacceptable?
Feeling jealous of whatever others have and that i don't.. Recently i just can't help but to envy those who can drive and have their own car, or those who can't drive but edi have a car at home waiting for them. Just can't help it, it just comes to me.. I knw it aint good. Trying to change people..
And and...
Getting addicted to starbucks for the past 4 years.. (been draining my wallet badly..)

7. When you are unhappy, what will you do?
Keep it to myself most of the time and talk to Him about it..
Start writing...
Or just start being emo for as long as i could..
If worse, then i wud approach my close friends n talk it out..

8. What are you afraid of losing?
Ever since i started college, I noticed i've been drifting away from my true self for quite some time.. Its only when i'm with peers i truly place my trust in and that i'm comfortable with that i let myself go...

9. Within 5 years, which target is the most realistic one?
Graduating and coming out with a degree (which i should or else i'll be in trouble...)
and landing a decent job that will feed me till i find my next objective in life.. =)
And maybe.. MAYBE...
Hooking up with a hot chick n get all my guy friends to be jealous of me.. wakakakkakakaa..

10. When you meet someone that you like, will you profess or hide your feeling?
If u reli knw the true Jon Lim, u'll knw what i'll do..
Obviously HIDE LA!!!
Girl, if ur reading this, u knw who i am talking abt.. =)

11. List out 3 kind of people you hate the most.
Hypocrites, backstabbers,....

Coz i used to be refered to as 1...

12. Define loneliness.
These 2 words can edi make me write an entire essay..
to sum things up..

Loneliness.. Doesnt matter if ur around lots of people, its when u dun have anyone special (male or female) to turn to when u have something happy or sad to share with.. Whether or not ur around people..
Never get confused with being alone and being lonely..

To that special someone, whether or not ur reading this..
when will u be ready to take away my loneliness....

13. Are you satisfied with your life now?
Life ar? okay lor.. i guess.. i mean, i have friends.. going out almost everyday.. i have money (cheh cheh..), sekadar cukup to menampung my expenses..
only thing im missing now..
is YOU..
u knw who u are...

14. When is the most recent time you feel touched?
Real life events, its been a while ler.. honestly, i cant reli remember..
But there was that day when i watched secret... Great film... shud check it out..

15. Where is the most beautiful place that you've visited?
Home..? where everyone and everything i knew is around me...

16. A song that is playing in your mind recently.
Boys Like Girls' Thunder..
Been playing in my head for months edi.. Can't seem to get it out..

17. If you have a wish to come true, what is it?
I wish i wud get a car.. so i can go scout around for chicks to pick up.. Yea, every guy's dream..
And i mean i decent car.. Dun get me a 10 year old wira and expect me to pick up chicks with it..

18. Do you have anything to be worried or scared recently?
If i DO pop the question 1 day, please dun let me down..

19. If the world is going to end, what will you do?
Obviously spend my last moments with loved ones.. friends.. family.. girl.. =P

20. Do you love someone? Who?
Isn't it obvious???

I tag whoever who read this post...

P/S : While doing this, kay sim was by my side, so part of the answers were influenced by u knw who.. and, NO!!! Im not into him.. Its a girl.. =)


Java Chip still the best!!!


Acoustic music rocks!!! (yea, i knw i said it a lot of times... ) =)

Wish u were here with me....

Beneath the milky twilight...
Friday, December 14, 2007

okay... my mistake.. mich still reads my blog.. haha.. at least there's some incentive to actually post..
yup, im at starbucks again.. this time i ordered expresso frappe.. wanted to try something different other than java chip frappe.. kinda good.. at least for a change..

okay, by right im supposed to be taking my driving test today.. for some reason my instructor told me they couldnt get the paper work done for me to take the test today.. so in the end it got post poned to nex friday.. taking it together with huey ching and kay sim.. dint expect to see huey ching over there btw.. tat day my instructor told me he'll hook me up with a leng lui to practice parking, 3 point and bukit together.. tengok tengok it was huey ching.. haha. totally didnt expect it..
bannga sei!! in the end im the 1 who taught her bukit.. the instructor juz left the both of us with the car for us to practice.. and so ngam it was her 1st time..
so nex week the 3 of us r going for the test together.. by the look of it, it looks like both of them are gonna pao.. n sadly im not.. so hopefully i'll pass.. haihz..

went badminton the last 2 days with adrian, noel, vince and hema.. kinda fun.. its been ages since i last played badminton though.. thank God i wasnt the onli noob over there.. got vincent to teman me.. hhahahaha..

oh yah, watched secret that day on dvd.. gotta admit it was very very good.. missed it when it was in cinemas.. kinda regret though.. coz it wud be so good so watch it then.. dint expect jay chou to come up with such a good movie as his 1st...

im trying something new.. check it out..


juz the starting though.. give me time to come up with the rest.. n its juz an attempt.. dun expect much.. :D

Being who I am..
Being who I wanna be..
And being happy about it.. :D

Listening To :
Tyler Hilton - You'll Ask For Me

Friends forever? Define forever...
Friday, December 7, 2007

I seriously doubt anyone still reads my blog.. Its been so long edi.. Except maybe Audrey.. haha.. u can always count on her.. oh well, wat the hell, im juz gonna post.. with or without readers...

Reading my last post, it was the day b4 my last law paper.. from then till now its been 2 weeks.. yea, almost exactly 2 weeks.. so.. updates.. hmmm..
spent the whole of last week unpacking, and juz clearing things up.. my room was in a huge mess when i came back.. cupboard smell like a whole family of roaches juz left, a/c smell like some dead rat lying inside of it, and under my bed, goodness..
well, im a guy, guess its all normal , rite guys? :P

As u all knw, i dun have net connection at home.. have to rely on starbucks which i am in rite now to come on9 and update stuffs.. actually this is like my 3rd time here this week, the previous 2 with wilson, so i didnt reli get the chance of blogging since we were busy doing stupid stuff..
juz finished my frappe, feel like ordering another 1 though.. but wallet aint permitting..
java chip's still the best... :D

nex week im gonna be bz with my licence again.. Monday gonna go for parking, 3 point and bukit and friday im taking the test.. Finally.. but without pao-ing.. Therefore, wish me luck coz i need all the help i can get..
juz 2 days ago i went on the road with roy, after like 4 months not driving a manual??? it was hell in the beginning.. car mati enjin like twice even b4 moving.. but after tat i think i did relatively ok, drove around ss15, parade, summit.. for abt 2 hours.. juz tat roy keeps bugging me saying that im driving too fast.. i mean, c'mon!!! im onli doing around 60, 70 on a 3 lane road.. how fast can i be? i barely touched 80!!!

after getting my license comes the hard part, getting a car.. well, a manual car at least.. my dad wud ask me to take his car 1st for some time b4 i actually get my own... i can see that coming.. then whenever i wanna use the car, he wud say he's gonna need it... n i wud end up taking the bus or a cab.. it wud be the same as me not getting my P in the 1st place.. well, even if i get to drive his spectra, its an auto.. yea, i knw, i aint tat good with manual yet, but its gonna be soooooooooooooooo boring.. half the fun from driving is mingling around with the clutch.. and even tat wont be there anymore.. ish.. life..

The last few weeks,
I reli understand the importance of friends..
No, i should say the last few months..
Thank you people, for being there for me.. :)

Met up with djawad, grace and tracy yesterday.. boy, how much do ppl change.. its been like 5 years since i last saw grace n tracy, djawad i've been seeing a lot lately.. haha..
and they barely changed.. cant believe 5 years went thru juz like tat..
planning to go catch a movie tomorrow together again.. its gonna be a hectic weekend for me i guess.. 2moro morning futsal with the guys, vincent, the 2 adrians, noel and all, then noon movie with dj, grace and tracy, nite dinner with grandmother and my uncle's family.. then sunday morning pc fair with dad, afternoon might go out with wil.. and if, i repeat, IF things turn out well, might, MIGHT be going to watch MCR with DJ.. and i DO hope things turn out well.. haha..
moving on, monday marks the start of a hectic week of driving.. gonna spend like 4 days driving.. not to mention a full day for the test.. haihz.. hopefully kay sim can make it with me..

Like i said i've been going out a lot.. and my wallet's bleeding real badly.. last week, went out like 3 days with wilson, 1 with martin n izat and another day on my own to chill.. at least 100 bux gone i wud say... yesterday went out with DJ and gang, tomorrow with them, family and vincent and the rest, sunday with family....
adui.. y dun money grow on trees???

"mom, i need 50 bux, going out with frens"
"oh, ok.. go take it from the tree behind this time, juz bear fruit yesterday..."

everyone's dream i guess..
thinking abt it, im not wealthy yet i still come to places like starbucks, go out for lunch at manhattan.. wat is wrong with me???

Oh well, its small stuffs like these tat spices life up i guess.. u need npot be rich to enjoy a good meal, am i rite?
like this cup of frappe by my side, costs rm16, tats like 8 games of initial d? tats relatively okay.. haha.. ( u wouldnt believe the amount of money i spend in the arcade.. ) ( and, yea, i knw im too big for those.. but still... :P )

Wishing Kar Mern a safe journey to Japan,
who will be flying off on sunday,
which means she's gonna miss MCR.. wakakaka..
dun forget my duty free chocs.. :P

Listening To :
Vertical Horizon - Miracle


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