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Hard To Find...
Monday, April 27, 2009

(Credits to Christine for the pic)

The group's getting smaller by the day...
It's all gonna be over soon...

Chris, u asked if we're good friends..
Of course we are.. We all are...
How is that even a question...

Gonna miss all u peeps..
Hate sending u guys off one by one..

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gibson Hummingbird

Gibson Hummingbird True Vintage

Tell me they're not drop dead gorgeous...

Shout out to Shee Wuee!!!
Monday, April 20, 2009

Im gonna keep this short coz I have a class in the morning... And its edi like 2 past midnight...

So anyways...

Last Sunday was Shee Wuee's bday...
We all gathered at Damansara... First for a movie at Cineleisure..
Plan initially was to watch She's Not That Into You,
But the birthday girl edi watched it before this, so we switched to Friday the 13th instead....
Gotta admit, Cathay Cineplax is officially one of the best cinema's I've ever been to...
Its literally pitch-black inside when the lights are off....
Seats are really comfy, ppl in front wont be blocking... Screen's huge!!!
Simply amazing!!!

But honestly, the movie wasnt that nice...
It was one of those typical thriller kinda movie...
Worse part is Danielle Panabacker had to die!!! WHY????

So after the movie, we walked out to this small little arcade...
And the girls spotted those Japanese-like photo booth...
Pulled the guys in.. Ended up spending like RM20 in total for photos smaller than a guitar pick... -.-''

We proceeded for lunch right after that...
Walked over to The Apartment at The Curve...
I absolutely ADORE the place!!!
Its just beautiful... And its name is appropriate... When u walk in, its literally like someone's apartment...
And the food was.. Ahhh.... Heavenly... Although the portion wasnt that big...
My only complain.. The service.. Everyone there had faces so bitter as though we killed their entire family or something...

But overall, a great experience... Great place, great food...
I strongly recommend trying...
Just get ur wallets ready... :P

Those present on the day... :D

Birthday girl... For once I look taller beside her.. XD

Here's a shout out to our beloved friend,
Shirley Ng Shee Wuee

Happy (belated) 20th birthday!!!
U old fart! XD

Say what you want
Saturday, April 18, 2009

What's the point?
Why do we do what we do?
If ur around my age, u are most probably still studying in college or uni,
Lying at the edge before finally falling into the real world,
But why? Like I asked before, why do we do what we do?

Why do we pay thousands of dollars to an institution,
For them to get people to teach us stuff
That we could actually learn up on our own outside of classes,
Only if we put in a little effort.
Why do we pay them so much of money
Just for the world to know that they recognize our efforts of studying.

Why do we struggle everyday
to gain acceptance from the people around us
Why do sometimes we even have to change who we really are
Just so that the people around us wont cast us out of their world.
Why do we need other people's approval and acceptance?
Why do we look at the guy or girl everyone's been talking about
And envy their looks and personality... And circle of friends.
Why are we never happy in our own skin?

Why are we constantly looking for that special someone,
And when we don't find them, we condemn ourselves...
Or look for love in some other places, or even some other people,
Why sometimes we settle, knowing that its wrong and we'll eventually tear again,
Why can't we live without this area present?
Or rather, why can't we wait?
Why do we need someone else to complete our lives?
We are an individual on our own... Isn't that enough?

Why do we constantly go for things that are wrong?
Tell us that its wrong, and we'll purposely pursue it even more...
Why? Knowing its wrong, we still pursue it?
Temporary pleasures to heal the pain...
But what healing does it do when its only temporary?
Like a band-aid, it helps stop the bleeding,
But it doesnt close up the wound.
We're bound to be exposed again.

Human race...

Incredibly stupid...

The Light of Day...
Thursday, April 16, 2009

My sincere apologies for not updating for so long....
Its been like wat? A month...
Slightly more than a month actually..
Reason being...



Lets see....
After Heal The World, I got caught up with exam preparations...
And a few assignments here and there...
Just finished my mid terms last week...
And im having my mid term break at the moment.. Not long.. Only a week...

Well, lets just sum it all up in a short post wat happened after my last post :

1. A memorable "planned" clubbing outing to Helo Bali in Sunway turned out to be a road trip to police stations around Sepang looking for Amy's IC and license...

2. Spent 2 nites at McD, Seri Kembangan supposedly studying... But in the end turned out to be a lepak-ing session.. Thx to Izat n Robin... Cars, bikes, and chics.. 3 topics that carried out all nite long..

3. 2 days of L4D at SS15 after mid terms... Robin, Izat, Idrus and myself... Had a blast...

4. Watched Fast & Furious for the 2nd time.. Also after mid terms.. With Izat, Idrus, myself, Rob n his gf... No regrets.. Awesome movie..

5. Had a haircut.. Tried the express 15min RM15 X-Cut store.. Turned out better than expected...

6. Embarked on a spontaneous trip to Genting with Martin ( just came back today )....
Turned out being over spontaneous cost us... All the hotels were fully booked... We had to wander around looking for those "agents" who gets the room from the hotel n rents it out at a higher price... So we paid RM150 the first nite for this :

Its a place in Ria Apartments.. Its HORRIBLE!!! Like some whore house or something like that... Thank God we got a room in First World for the 2nd nite, I cant imagine living in tat place for the 2nd nite...

7. Clubbed and drank 2 nites in a row in Safari.. For the 2nd time!!! I guess Safari is officially the club I visited the most now.. XD
Had a blast the 1st nite... Dint know I could actually make someone jealous.. In a club.. :P
2nd nite was kinda down, crowd was cold... But I still had my alcohol... Sometimes, tats enough...

8. Oh yea!!! How cud I forget... The guys in Desa actually celebrated my bday for me... Cake, candles and everything... (Sry no pics... Too bz being pushed around) And as usual, Desa's tradition, they threw me into the pool after midnight... The ice-cold pool.. I was soaked... And cold.. Thx guys!!! I had a blast.. Other than the part of being tossed into the cold water...

9. The guys back here also took me out for dinner a few days before my bday... And got me a shirt from Quicksilver... Thx a lot guys!!!

9. I officially finished my very first fragrance, CK One.. I just launched my 2nd, Pleasures Intense For Men by Estee Lauder.. Bought a 2nd cheaper one, Soul from The Face Shop as my 2nd scent.. And best part is.... I got this for my birthday...

Intuition For Men by Estee Lauder.. The original fragrance I wanted.. Told my dad to get it, he got me Pleasures instead...
So now I have 3 different fragrance to choose from every time I go out... XD
Thanks Martin!!! U really made my bday this year!!!

10. My 2nd and older phone, K750i finally failed me... Its been a couple of years edi, I thought it cud still hang on for a while, but its edi giving me probs... I can only use it occasionally now, if im lucky enough to get it to start up... So, sry ppl if I dun reply ur sms(s). Contact my Digi number.. I have tat in my Nokia at the moment...

I guess that's about it...
Nth much, but I would say Im having a good time so far...
Hopefully my life outside studying will only get better in the near future... :P

Btw, someone's bday is coming up this Sunday... :D


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