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Same ol' question...
Sunday, August 1, 2010

Caught myself asking the same question I have been asking myself my whole life for the past few days...

"Why do people get themselves into stuff that makes them miserable, when they clearly know exactly what they are getting themselves into?"

In plain blunt words, it's like while walking one day, u see a speeding bus headed your way...
But instead of jumping on to the pavement away from its course,
You stand still, allowing it to hit you
Hoping that it will take u someplace better...

Deep down inside, you know what you are getting yourself into
But somewhere along the way, you give into your emotions
To this little thing commonly known as "Hope"

Something that keeps us alive... Pushes us to move forward in our lives...
And yet it has the power to do the exact opposite...
To kill you altogether...

Have you ever thought why humans are created the way they are?
I mean....
We're given the brains to think logically....
To be completely objective about our decisions...

at the same time,
we are also given a heart
that makes up our emotional side

Don't you think those two contradicts each other?
When you find yourself in situations where
Ur mind tells u to do it one way....
But your heart tells you another...?

And once again, I shall end this post by how I normally would...
Emphasizing the fact that
the human race is indeed a weird race...

Slán leat
Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yet another goodbye...
But this time, its for good....

Audrey Chew Ernern
Migrating to a land far far away.....
Cant wait for u to come back with an Irish accent.. Im sure you would... :P

You've been a great friend, an outstanding sister....
Cant ask for more, thats for sure...
Sry that we seldom spend time together....
Im not gonna make any excuses anymore...
Just wanna say Im sorry....

Take care of urself while ur there..
Im sure u'll fit in just fine... :)

Love u always...

Monday, June 28, 2010

For the very first time I actually entered a mosque...
And a big one indeed... The one in Putrajaya...
And all I can say is that its just beautiful....

Been back home for like a few days now
But today was the very first day I stayed in the entire day
Bored as hell...
Seriously... BORED as hell!!!!

Duno how am I gonna survive the next month or so...
Good thing I got stuff planned over the next few days....

Oh yeah, on another note...
There's a possibility that I might be moving soon..

Saying goodbye to a place that I have been staying for like 17 years
would not be more difficult....

If I would to die tomorrow, this will be the guidelines...
Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My blog's pretty dead... Obviously...
Noone really gives a shit anymore...
But I keep reminding myself the real reason to why I actually blog..
And it all seems better.. :)

Any hoots...

Tonight, I just finished a major assignment
Well, my part at least, gotta wait for the rest to compile and hand it in tomorrow, which is the due date actually..
No wait... Its today... No longer tomorrow... oh well..

If ur looking for something enlightening to read,
U can close the window now, this is just gonna be a random post of me going on and on
Trust me.. I need to release somewhere, somehow...

Speaking of death...
Being totally random here,
But I was just sitting down to myself, thinking of...

My funeral...

The typical Malaysian christian kinda funeral would be
A memorial service, then the casket will remain open for a night for friends and relatives who come and go..
And the next morning, one final service before heading to the cemetary...

my idea for my funeral would be...

Keeping the tradition of open casket for a night...
I wanna be dressed in white, by the way... Not the usual black suit.. Just for a change..

An acoustic guitar to be playing at the memorial,
Playing my favourite songs... Taking requests as well.. :)

During the final memorial however,
I would love for them to play a playlist I personally mixed...
If time permits, and if i actually manage to carry it out,
I would love for the host to read out my messages to my loved ones... Along with a list of what I love about them, why do I love them.. Stuff like that..

U know the final moment when ur friends and relatives start to take a last look at you in the casket before they seal it?
I would love to have a bottle of tequila right beside my casket...
And to those who drink, well.. a shot of tequila for dead ol' me wud ya? :D

It will be nice to have like a last shot with everyone... :)

Oh, and for the final touches..
I would like to be burried with one of my guitars...
Please? :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

In life, I believe that we are always caught in between 2 forces
2 forces that contradicts each other, making us strive to achieve the both of them without compromising too much of the other....
Everyone will face this dilemma sooner or later, at one point of their lives...

Lets just say these 2 forces are :
i) Obligations
ii) Desires

Picture this for a moment, its actually very simple, really...
Everyone at one point of their live or another, have their own individual obligations to perform
Be it classes, assignments, your job, whatever it is...
On the other hand, they have their own desires as well
It can be as simple as hanging out with friends or as significant as pursuing a passion.

And as we all know, it is human nature that we never run out of desires...
We constantly have desires, just a matter of how big it is...
A 18 year old youth who just got his driving license would yearn for a car...
Give him a car, and he'll yearn for something better...
Give him something better, and he'll still want something that is out of reach..
And the cycle continues...

This particular attribute of the human nature ensures that we are constantly fighting with ourselves.....
To do good, or to do bad?
To do the things Im supposed to do, or the things that I want to do...
We are constantly asking ourselves these questions that keep pushing us back and forth every now and then...


If there is an obvious solution, and if this problem could be solved in the first place,
There would'nt be striving within ourselves
There would'nt be a battle within ourselves
And these battles are actually the key factor that pushes the human race to improve their current situation,
Whether ur starving in a third world country,
Or enjoying caviar on a luxorious yacht,
the moment we stop striving for the better,
Will be the moment we stop improving life...

This problem will never be solved, only identified and dealt with....
But at the end of the day....

That's what makes us human...

This is it?
Friday, April 9, 2010

Once a week,
I get to leave everything behind,
All my worries and responsibilities I deal with everyday,
It all becomes totally irelevant for the moment

Because for that 2 hours I savour every week
I get to live my dream...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quick update....

Amount of beer I was forced to drink on my birthday....
Cant believe I was still able to take this picture after that...

Behringer DR400 Digital Reverb and Delay....
What the guys got for me on my birthday..
Totally awesome!!!!

So that's my lineup at the moment...
Pretty damn hyped up about my little babes there... ^^


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